When the good times don’t last

Having had three severely hypomanic episodes and one full blown manic episode (discounting mixed episodes), most people I imagine, would be hard pressed to see its appeal. After all, the last bout landed me in A&E, hearing and seeing things, head-butting the walls, and feeling trapped.

So why then do…

Trigger warning: mention of suicide

In 2016 my life fell apart. Literally

It had been brewing for some time anyway. I had been suffering with depression on and off for 7 years by then, and in 2015 I reached a tipping point when, in the space of a single week, I was involved in 3 highly traumatic experiences. I had managed to…

Annalisa Jackson. (TBB Freelancing)

I'm an ex nurse trying to start over in my 40's as a freelance writer and photographer. I also write children's books and occasionally I'm guilty of poetry

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